Deep Rooted Fine Arts Programs

Bo Tsun is a small school with award-winning performance in the field of fine arts. With a newly established clarinet ensemble, the school invited an experienced music teacher, Mr. Zhang Guowei, to cultivate students’ music literacy and to enhance community musical participation. In addition, dance expert Dong Yuxin was invited to promote the beautiful art of folk dancing, focusing on Tibetan dance and Dunhuang dance. All fine arts courses are funded by the school and free of charge to the students to allow them the opportunity to express their uniqueness and explore their potential on stage.

Diversified Sports Activities

Bo Tsun emphasizes a well-rounded, whole child education. We encourage students to explore their own interests and abilities by providing various sports activities where children can grow and gain confidence. Our table tennis and track and field school teams regularly compete in regional competitions, and in recent years, football clubs and tree-climbing experience courses were also established, providing children with diverse physical training activities, helping children discover their athletic potential, creativity and vitality.

International Education

In response to the era of globalization, Bo-Tsun Primary School provides children with an immersive English learning environment. We utilize technology-assisted learning to enhance our students' language learning motivation while incorporating real life scenarios to create a comprehensive English learning atmosphere. The school also regularly conducts international programs and exchanges to broaden the students' understanding of diversity, and expand their international vision, and help them makes friends with the world.