Bo-Tsun Primary School was named after the Taiwan Army Four Star General, Hao Bo Tsun. From its inception in 1958, our teachers, students, staff, and families have worked hand in hand to make Bo-Tsun Primary School what it is today.

Building on the accomplishments of our predecessors, we must acknowledge the importance of this great wheel of civilization development, which moves leaps and bounds in an instant.

Education is a monumental project and must be treated with respect and integrity. As we strive forward to elevate our quality of education and the efficacy of learning, we gather collective wisdom to formulate various curriculum development plans with enthusiasm and determination. Our students are provided with diverse and appropriate developmental opportunities to showcase their talent and uniqueness, and our international programs help them understand global culture while learning with the children around the world.

Kinmen is culturally diverse, rich with heritage and humanities, and our people are warm and hospitable. We welcome international learners to come to "Kinmen for class" and experience a wonderful cross-culture education.

The vision of Bo-Tsun Primary School, along with the educational vision of Kinmen County, is to nurture children to become "competitive global citizens".

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From Taiwan to Kinmen

By Airplane

Flights depart from Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung to Kinmen and last approximately 45-50 minutes. For more information, please contact: Kinmen Airport 082-322381

From Kinmen Airport to Bo-Tsun Primary School

By Bus

From Kinmen Airport, take No. 3 Bus to Shanwai Station. Then, take No. 20 or No. 19 Bus directly to Bo-Tsun Primary School.

By Driving

Exit Kinmen Airport. At the roundabout, take Exit 1 to Huandao South Road Section 3, turn right on Qiongjing Rd, continue on Huandao South Road Section 4, then Huandao South Road Section 5, at the roundabout, continue to Bocun Road, you will see Bo-Tsun Primary School on your right side.